1 year No Alcohol!

Well, I have to say I couldn’t really imagine a day I’d actually be writing a blog post about not drinking alcohol. In a way It’s kind of an awkward subject lol. There’s a big difference between “I’ve never tried alcohol” and “I quit drinking alcohol.” People usually take that as, wow something crazy must’ve happened for you to want to stop OR that you had a drinking problem. I in fact, did not experience either of those.


I would say I was your typical social drinker with some wild nights every once in a while.  I wasn’t someone who tried alcohol or experimented with anything at a young age. I was somewhat of a good, into school work, don’t curse type of gal and had my first drinks or party nights maybe junior year in high school which by then I think even my younger sister had probably already tried alcohol. LOL. 

Once I did start drinking, it was just like most high school kids. Parties on the weekends and still trying to learn what your limit was and not realizing you passed it until the next morning. Ooops! By this time, we all drank and honestly I can’t remember any friend that I hang out with often that did not drink whatsoever and it has been like that since well, I quit last year.  

I wasn’t pressured into drinking and it wasn’t something I thought I had to do to be “cool” or anything. I just hit that age where I was like alright, time to try some drinks out and figure out what I do and don’t like. Turned out I loved fruity/sugary mixed drinks, lime beer and not the best at taking shots BUT I was usually purty open to try any drink or liquor. 


I think at some point we have all either had the worst hangover or done something that led us to say “I’m never drinking again!”… Maybe you’ve experienced the drunk texts or calls, mistakes, acting a fool, getting extra emotional or something else. Of course we say it, but it’s just temporary until the next time we get together with some friends or just have a rough day.  I thought about it several times but never really thought I would, I mean why would I? Was it really that necessary?

If you’ve been following me, you may remember I started having some health issues in 2018 and couldn’t really get an answer on what exactly it was. I was told it was my appendix, I had a hernia, gastrointestinal disorder, acute pancreatitis, etc. It was then that I was first told I should stay away from drinking alcohol but I just honestly couldn’t believe that was a real factor in my health issues, so I continued drinking.

Alcohol was also something mentioned a few times during my sessions with my life coach Justine and my therapist at Modern Therapy. It was not that I had a drinking problem, but the fact that alcohol was just not helping me with having the life that I truly wanted at this time. Between money, time out drinking, time being hungover, making mistakes, etc.. It just wasn’t aligning when I would compare my life at the time to the life I wanted. I knew I could be doing better. 

I would say the third and final thing that pushed me was listening to a friend talk on broadcast in early 2019 about how she doesn’t drink alcohol although people think she does because of her high energy. By this time I have one other friend who doesn’t drink alcohol but I don’t see her often. This is when it really hit me, like okay people do this, it’s possible. It made me get curious and start wondering, what would it be like? … to be the first person in our group of friends to just quit drinking alcohol out of nowhere. 

I just didn’t feel like I was really doing the things I wanted to do anymore, the things I was passionate about, or being the best me I could be.. and I wanted to change that.


I would say if you were to judge by appearance or pictures, not much has changed other than maybe a little weight loss, if you even notice. I still take pictures like I did before except these are virgin drinks! I just ask the bartender to make them look pretty or to give me a nice glass! There is an occasional, “ohh a cold beer or some nice wine sounds good” but I never see it as more than just a quick thought. At the beginning it was a little difficult just because I do get tired a bit faster being the sober one while everyone else is drunk or just temptation in general. But on the regular, It’s not difficult to say no whatsoever now. (I will say during this quarantine life right now I have thought about alcohol a bit more than usual LOL.)

Overall, my health physically and mentally has gotten so much better than what it was before. (NOTE: I did also cut beef and pork out about 6 months ago.) I have lost about 10-15 lbs. total and that’s with me not being someone who works out too regularly. I also for sure know, I have been more productive since I quit drinking. I mean, not having hangovers is just amazing lol. 

I have also saved some money! Between alcohol, to the different places alcohol leads us to and the food we crave to eat late at night when we would be drunk lol. To give a quick number lets say you spend $10 per week, $520 per year. In reality anyone that drinks very well knows that is not really close to what is really spent. You can easily spend $100 plus on going out one night. I think the amount I have saved is probably closer to the 1k mark for the year I have not drank, if not more.  

People may wonder, so what do I do for fun now? For the most part everything is the same. Just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I wont go out it’s just not as much now. I love dancing or just hanging out with friends. Most of the time people forget i’m not drinking because I always have a drink in my hand and by that I mean I specifically ask bartenders to make me a pretty virgin drink. I don’t think it has affected my social life negatively, if anything I think it’s made my friendships more valuable and has definitely improved family life. I have more time now to do things I truly enjoy.

I get asked often when and If I plan to drink again and honestly, I have no idea. Maybe my birthday next year? Maybe not ever? Either way, I know it will never be the same as before, I just dont care for it like that anymore. Overall, I think I learned I don’t have to do what everyone else does all the time and at any moment I can change who I want to be and the type of life I want to live. The people who love you will always be there to support you through it and if they’re not, f*** it!. lol 🙂

XOXO Marilyn!

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