My Experience as a Live Broadcasting Host!

What is Live Broadcasting?

Alrighty to put things easy and simple it’s like watching a show LIVE. There’s no editing, what happens happens. lol So as a broadcast host, you will really just have to practice at it and see what works for you. You will have to take in to consideration things that may happen in the location or environment you are in, how you’re feeling, unexpected comments or whatever life just throws at you while your live. 

There are several places to broadcast such as the most popular like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube but there are also apps made specifically for Broadcasting where you can make money which is what I will be focusing on for this blog post. 

So what should you broadcast?… well, that is totally up to you! Some hosts would cook, sing, dance, dj or whatever talent they would like to showcase. I like to refer to my talents as talking and making friends. (I laugh so much when I say this but I really don’t know how else to put it.) I talked alottt, engaged with my viewers to get to know them, worked out a few times, played games like pictionary, etc. I wouldn’t say that I did anything else specifically, honestly I was just myself and hoped that people would like me enough to become a follower and support.  

How I got started:

As most people may know, I’ve worked on and off as a Brand Ambassador/Promotional Model since 2010 with several different agencies. Summer of 2018 I saw one of the agencies I worked for posting about a virtual job as a live host. I ignored it the first time but when I saw them post again I decided to look into it. I had experience doing youtube so I figured, eh might as well! I submitted my information online and soon after was told to download a certain broadcasting app and was given a 10 minute audition slot. Within 24 hours after the audition, I received the email that I was selected as well as a contract! That was August of 2018 and I continued broadcasting until early of this year 2020. 

Let’s talk Money!

As I mentioned above, I did sign a contract. I can’t go into details tooo much and I also can’t discuss much about what it’s like not being under contract. I did hear from several people that you can still make decent money on your own without a contract but I can’t say much from that point of view. As for making money under contract, you usually have a base pay from the agency plus gifts from your viewers! 

You have a requirement of broadcasting a certain amount of hours, usually 35 – 40 hours per month. Note: A lot of people get it confused so I’m saying again the 35-40 hours are per MONTH not per week. You are always able to broadcast more which would usually help with gaining more fans/followers/support and making more money. 

In general, under contract I would assume the lowestt and I mean bare MINIMUM you can make is $500 per month (I personally never made that low, that would usually be a beginner with zero experience, if that). From there it just goes up to the point of some broadcasters making several thousands per month. In my case, I made decent enough to want to quit my regular job and pursue this full time. 

(Please remember everything discussed above can vary depending on your agency and your contract.)   

The Perks 🙂

Well, I have to say I loved broadcasting more than I ever imagined I would.

  • Meeting awesome people from all over the world & making new friends!
  • People feel comfortable talking to you without judgement (this can be good and bad)
  • It’s a Virtual job you can do anywhere you go
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Grow your audience & support
  • I got to learn so much about myself
  • & through all of this : Making moneyyy, duh!

The Ugly Truth 🙁

  • Stranger Danger, meeting people from all over the world also means you have to be extra careful with the information you share with your audience and keep certain things private. 
  • Inappropriate comments: Although it’s not as often as the good comments, and I did have a few amazing admins to block or kick out users…there is always those bad comments that may slip through that you need to have thick skin for. I got called fat/ugly numerous times, threatened to be killed, inappropriate sexual comments, etc.  
  • Don’t follow the crowd: Honestly its very easy to start comparing yourself to the other hosts. You see the rankings, the amount of money everyones making, or the amount of fans. I would catch myself thinking, “Oh I need to be more like that host” or i’ll make more money if I do what they’re doing, maybe more makeup? etc” It gets in your head BUT I was open about how I felt with my viewers and they always helped get those thoughts out of my head 🙂    

Why did I stop?

I can’t even describe my love for broadcasting and how much I miss it already. 

The thing is it was VERY difficult (or at least for me it was) to be able to balance everything I had on my plate. My full time job can sometimes be more time demanding and my schedule unpredictable. Between my full time job, a toddler, family/friends, and building my own business…. Broadcasting was not on the top of my list, unfortunately. I know all of my admins/followers know I tried SO hard to make it all work and even had thoughts about leaving my regular job to pursue this full time but I just didn’t feel I was ready to try that at the time. I was not okay broadcasting when I couldn’t commit, and our busy season at work was about to start again in March (Before Covid happened). I didn’t want to hop on my broadcast and try to fake it when really I was just exhausted inside. 

The only other thing I would say was that I noticed my audience on my social media was definitely crossing over to majority males. Please Do NOT take this the wrong way, I made some amazing friends that are males and I am not referring to those. I am referring more to the ones who leave inappropriate comments on my pictures or sent messages with really bad vibes. I just started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to put a stop to that as well. I am all for meeting people and making friends but keep in mind I don’t want certain things on my public profile. (I do still delete certain comments, #sorrynotsorry)

Whats Next?

Of course right now that the world is basically on shut down, I was like F*** I wish I was still broadcasting, BUT I came to peace knowing everything happens for a reason. I’ve thought about doing more IG videos or youtube but we’ll see. I would like to say Broadcasting is in my future but I’m not sure when and If I will be ready for that again.

If your reading this and you’re one of my broadcast friends just know I do miss talking to y’all and I’m still so thankful for all the support and having you all join me on my journey through so many changes.

XOXO Marilyn 


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