Dinosaur World – Glen Rose, Tx

If you have been following for even just a little while you may have already seen dinosaurs somewhere on my posts thanks to Tripps obsession with them.

We decided to take a little road trip and there was no doubt in my mind we needed to start it off with some type of dinosaur activity. I honestly did not realize how many dinosaur parks there are until I started searching.

I was indecisive between two but Dinosaur Worlds website made it seem more appealing and what really made my decision was scrolling down on the main landing page for the Texas location and seeing a youtube video made by Toy Lab Tv at the park. The video featured some of Tripps favorite people, Park Ranger Aaron and Park Ranger LB so that made it a done deal!


We paid a little less than $40 total for all 3 of us. (2 kids, 1 adult)

We stayed about 1 1/2 hours although there is no time restriction so you can be there all day if you’d like! (During business hours of course)

I was bummed to see there were no food options UNTIL I read that you can pack your own lunch or get pizza delivered so definitely love that a whole lot better!!!

We made sure to wear something comfy for the outdoors that would also keep us dry with the rainy weather. I’ve linked all his outfit details below:

There are trails to walk through or as Tripp preferred, RUNNN. He enjoyed calling out the names of the ones he knew or having us read the information by each of them.

There are also a few different activities, a few that come included with the general passes or additional options for a few bucks more.

Overall we definitely recommend it if your kiddos like the outdoors or are obsessed with Dinos like our son. I loved it and hope to take Tripp again soon as well as spend more time there.

Let me know if y’all check it out or feel free to share with a friend who should!

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