Tripp is Three-Rex!

I have a big family and with that comes lots of birthdays, get togethers, etc and that is one of my favorite memories with everyone. I just enjoy seeing such a large group come together and have a great time with food, music and laughter. So although I’m not a big spender for the most part, when it comes to birthdays or celebrating something, I love going all out!

My gender reveal, babyshower, and Tripps birthdays have all been exactly that! Me going allll out! I do hear it all the time, “he wont remember any of that!” but that is not the point. I’m not thinking about wether he will remember this when he’s older (although ofcourse i’ll have pictures to show him) I am thinking of the present time. NOW. Having his party and having all our family and friends come out to celebrate him, watching all the kids go wild enjoying everything, and adults catching up if they haven’t seen each other in a while or having drinks. THAT is why I like going “all out!”


His first birthday party was Mickey Mouse themed so what did i do?…..I came out dancing in a Mickey Mouse costume! The kids loved it and never realized it was me, actually most of the adults didn’t realize it was me either as most did not expect me to do that lol!

His 2nd birthday party was jungle themed. We decided to get a little petting zoo, but since I wanted something a little more “wild”, we also got a kangaroo and lemur to come out as well. The kids AND adults both really enjoyed that!

This year was honestly the most difficult because of how busy work was and a lot of other things on my plate right now. The weather was not on our side either, so we did have to reschedule the party as well which caused a headache with some vendors no longer being available for the new date. Nevertheless, our theme this year was Dinosaurs since he is obsesseddd with dinos!

Our T-shirts (which everyone loveddd) were made by: Cut Loose Creations!

The Cake was inspired by some posts on pinterest and made by: Marys Cakes!

To entertain the kids we got a jurassic park pinata from walmart, some dinosaur eggs from target and then a combo bounce house with waterslide! The kids had a great time getting and overall was a success!

I seriously look forward to planning his birthday and have already started wondering what he will be into next year to start looking up ideas! 🙂

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