My 1st Live Interview!

Well, looks like i’m on a roll with these interviews, right? lol

I did my first written interview for West University Moms last month which was more about getting to know me and my story as a mom and mompreneur. For the live interview I did on facebook yesterday, we discussed my full time job as a Booking Coordinator, the experiential marketing industry and Outloud Marketing, the company I work for.

We got to meet with Terrio and Jae Davis who are considered vets in this industry and have traveled nationwide working for Fortune 500 companies on tours. She is also a author and they make videos as well as write on a blog to give the inside scoop on the industry!

I was a tad bit nervous, but I loved the topic and questions like:

– How does Pop Bookings work?
– Is it really worth using Pop Bookings as a EXP?
-How to do obtain consistent opportunities with Outloud? 
-What do they look for?
-How do they pay?
-What tour opportunities do they offer?
-What does it take to be a booking coordinator?
-Do they like when you PM them on FB for opportunities?
And much more!


Hope yall enjoyed it and got a lil more info on what we do and the industry, feel free to reach out with any questions 🙂

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