New York 2019!

Our first vacation of the year was brought to you by…..Hillary and Robert!

Yes, so they totally surprised us by buying us all 6 tickets and stay for our first vacation of the year! We waited until we finally made it home after that weekend to say….It was such a good vacation! (We didn’t want to jinx it while we were there!) We were only there for 2 full days but it felt like so much longer, we were exhausted! So here’s a run down on our quick yet fun filled weekend! Dont forget to scroll to the bottom for all 6 of our reviews on the places we went to as well as a video 🙂

We started it on Friday 1/18/19 around 4am on our way to the Airport with New York as our destination! A group of 6 could be a bit difficult to travel with but we decided to make a list of each persons top MUST DO in New York! Ofcourse, we did not make plans to sleep much while we were at the city that never sleeps!


We arrived and took a taxi to our the Airbnb we were staying at.

It was a wrap around apartment rented from Airbnb on the top floor of a High rise in Jersey City. I think it had a good view without being right in the middle of the busy city.

“Best Pizza on 1st Avenue”

So our first stop was PIZZA because we were starving since we got off the flight and it was also the furthest destination on our to do list. Frank did a lot of searching online and watched Barstools to decide where to go and this was his final decision. This is a very small pizzeria, more like a to-go spot. They have a small bar area against the wall with a few stools and 1 small table (does not fit 6 people) so it gets very cramped when it’s busy but overall we all enjoyed the pizza!

Central Park

After eating we headed over to Central Park. Note: Us three girls were wearing boots with heels and that was the worst idea ever! Our feet were killing us! It was a very long walk and honestly the shoes kinda killed our mood for this in particular. We heard on some days they have performances and other things at the park but on the day we went there were not many people which made it easy to take some time taking ridiculous pictures.

“Whiskey Trader Bar”

After all that walking at the park, we needed a drink. We randomly found this spot and although the bar looked nice itself, I think we all agreed maybe we just didn’t go at a good time.

Time Square

I think this is one of the most touristy things most people think of when it comes to New York and honestly, I loved it. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like this anywhere else…all the lights and billboards. I remember walking around just smiling, it looked so cool. We walked around for a bit to take some pictures of course and Hillary stopped by a store to buy a pair of shoes to change into lol. Then, off to a bit more walking.

Central Station

It looked just like the movies, beautiful inside and out but we didn’t stay long. Grabbed a little bite at the cafeteria area they have with many options, walked around for a bit then headed off to catch a uber to the next spot.

“Beetle House”

This spot was a different experience that you would usually only expect to see in October but its halloween every day of the year at Beetle House! We all agreed we enjoyed the experience and atmosphere more than anything here, Beetlejuice coming out to engage with everyone was definitely the main attraction!

After Beetle House we took another uber to our airbnb to freshen up and then met up with my cousin and his girlfriend who were awesome enough to hang out with us for the night and take us bar hopping to some of their fav spots!

P.S. Also a big congrats to my cousin (pictured below) for being an amazing photographer and becoming a content creator for the MLB this season! You can check his work out on his website


“Flip ‘N Toss Burgers”

Day two we were on a mission to hit a few more of the things on our to do lists but we actually didnt have many food options listed so we got on a subway and found the closest spot after we hopped off because we skipped breakfast. We came across Flip n’ Toss burgers and honestly still think of how delicious their food was! We felt so lucky to have randomly found this spot to eat at! Our bellys were so full and happy!

9/11 Memorial

You don’t go to New York without going to the Memorial. I think that is just a given. I had been here before when the Memorial was still under construction so It was nice to see it all done and show our respect.

“Brooklyn Bridge Bistro and Wine Bar”

We were told It was a long walk up to the Brooklyn Bridge so we had a quick stop at this wine bar to have a drink and snack. It’s super conveniently located on the corner in front of the walkway to the bridge and the sangria gave us a nice little buzz.

Brooklyn Bridge

This was my spot I picked out that I really really wanted to go to and I’m so glad we did! To get on to the bridge and take pictures it’s a purty long walk like I said above but because we had a little buzz we all started running for no apparent reason (as you see in the video below) so it was quite funny. I loved the view from the bridge and the bridge itself is beautiful!

“230 Fifth Rooftop Bar”

Rooftop bar with igloos and a breathtaking view! This quickly made it onto our to do list when we saw it online and I would have loved to go during the day as well. The red robes are complimentary (to use while you are there) to keep you warm which is a nice extra touch that we definitely liked!

“Museum of Sex” 

It just so happened this Museum was in front of the rooftop bar so we convinced the guys to stop by there as well. It IS like a normal with museum with a lot of reading as well as visual (WARNING: As you can imagine there is a lot of nudity and videos as well). There is a adult store along with a Boob Bounce house that you can pay extra to jump on…which we did! lol

Sunday Morning we woke up and sat around chit chatting, listening to music and enjoying the view for the last few moments. I believe we were all in Awe of how well everything went, everything we got to do in such a short amount of time and all of the different things we experienced that weekend. Overall we thought it was a very succesful trip and already looking forward to the next one!

Click on the image before to see each individuals opinion of the spots we went to!

Thank you all for stopping by! Stay tuned for more adventures 🙂

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