2018 in Review.

          To start, lets take it back a bit to 2017….the year this little birdie decided to leave her mommy’s nest. Although I have always been super independent with everything, physically leaving my families house was a huge thing. That was also the year I started working at a car dealership early on & bought my first car ever. It was a year of big moves for me. 

           As for 2018, that was a year of self reflection. Now that I had made these big (monetary) moves the year before, it was time to grow mentally although I did not know this at that time. I thought I would do somewhat of a shout out post to what/who helped me and a timeline of how it all went down! Ya’ll ready?

January 2018Modern Therapy

              Yay, a fresh start to a new year right?! I had originally made all the usual new years resolutions with no real action plan to make anything happen. It may sound kinda weird but I really woke up one day and told myself, I really need help. So before work, I started doing research online for therapists and life coaches. This wasn’t part of any plan or goal I had previously made, It was really like an alarm just went off on my head all of a sudden and said it’s time to change some things! I reached out to Modern Therapy near the end of January 2018. It was a new year but I just felt so “blah.” My experience with Modern Therapy is one I will forever feel so thankful for. I feel like therapy and life coaching are things people don’t talk about much or look at it as a odd thing to do so I kept it to myself for several months. At the time I felt mediocre, confused, like I was just getting by and as my therapist described, barely being able to keep my head above water. I remember telling her how I knew I could do so much more if I could overcome the main thing in my way which was myself. I personally liked making appointments twice a month with my therapist Meredith and slowly but surely started to notice myself changing into a way more positive and confident person after each session! Read more about why you should try therapy here: Why Therapy? 

March 2018Boss Babe / Boss Babe Societe

                   Next, I found a support group online. Don’t get me wrong, I have the besttt of friends and family but it doesn’t necessarily mean we have the same interests or enough push to get us doing what we need to do. I ran across the boss babe society on Instagram, they were barely starting the society and getting the first round of members. I didn’t know what to expect but I thought, fuck it, let’s just try it out. The society gave me the resources (workbooks, videos, etc) to get a positive mindset and directions on figuring out my goals as well as connections with so many boss babes….which leads me to Justine

                    In the Boss Babe society we were assigned progress partners. It was up to us to decide how to talk, so we emailed back and forth and got to know a bit about each other, what our goals were, and our weaknesses. From there we started video calls once a week when we could. We’d go over our list of goals for the week prior and what we achieved, talk about our goals for next week and most of all hold each other accountable. I do have to say, she definitely pushed me. Having a progress partner honestly, would sometimes make me feel like shit BUT in a “omg I need to get my shit together” type of way! I would come back week after week with sometimes not having much done and it was embarrassing! I remember thinking to myself like damn, idk how I got paired with Justine but i’m so thankful! Of course being the amazing life coach and mentor that she is, Justine is now offering a FREE clarity session which I did myself and totally recommend! You can sign up here for more info: Free Clarity Session!!!

                While Modern Therapy helped figure out what I needed to work on myself mentally, the boss babe society and Justine was an addition that helped me realize what I was doing physically as well. Time management, accountability and living with purpose! 

April 2018 – Houston Latina Bloggers

           From a support group online, I then went on to find a group to join locally. This is when I came across the Houston Latina Bloggers group on Instagram. I instantly wanted to join after seeing pictures of one of their mixer events which looked like so much fun so I messaged the founder Connie! I wasn’t blogging at all at the time but I knew I wanted to and after finding a great group online I now wanted to to find that in person locally, which I did when I joined HLB. Its a group of ladies (And Jose!) who are either bloggers, into marketing and events, entrepreneurs and so much more! I’ve loved being a part of a group who all support each other!  

               Connie was super nice when i asked to join although I wasn’t blogging at the time. From there I obviously followed her on social media and i’d see her posts…she’s a mom, with a regular job, who co-founded this awesome group, blogs and does who knows what else! With 10k followers, and everything she does, what I looked up to was not only all that she does but the fact that she is just herself and that’s something that I loved about her vibe. She does’t try to pretend to be perfect and that’s a huge thing that social media usually gives people the thought of. It really made me feel like, yes I’m a mom and I want to do all this but I can still just be human while doing it all. It’s okay If I curse, drink, dance, make mistakes….If i’m handling my own then nobody can stop me. Her posts really just inspired me to believe in myself and my ability to do all that I want to do while being a mom! You can check out her blog here: Momma of Dos!    

Taking Health for Granted.

                 At the beginning of April I started to make a Vision board. 4 months into the year, better late than never right? So I had all my pictures printed and the materials to make it and I was ready to take on the world!!! Everything was laid out on the floor in the living room of the apartment and I was feeling SO motivated by all these new people in my life online and in person. One day at work I got extremely sick and went to the hospital. The next few weeks I was on meds (I had surgery) and stayed at my moms for almost a month. I didn’t get to complete the vision board and well, everything was set on pause. I laid in bed, cried, and was angry that I was just starting to feel like I was going to follow my dreams and then this all happened…I was PISSED. Looking back at it, It was a bit of a selfish thing to feel….there were so many worse things that could be wrong with me yet I was going to be okay. 

                 I would listen to the audio version of the book “You Are a Badass®: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” as well as lots of the motivational and goal setting videos from the boss babe societe. Every single day. In and out of sleep from my meds I fell asleep listening to them and woke up and replayed them. Although I stayed silent, I watched things going on in the society and the houston latina bloggers group. I could not wait to be up and at it again. I thought over and over, “when i’m not sick I don’t want to go sit at a job i don’t like, i don’t want to do things i don’t want to do…I want to go and just be myself and do all the things I’ve dreamt of doing.” 

The months after that I continued to learn more and more about myself and started the journey to the new life I wanted. I want to again thank everyone mentioned above for making a impact on my life. Here I am, a year later, and my life is totally different from what it was last year! I have so much motivation to continue to grow and live this life to the fullest making all my dreams a reality! 

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