November 2018 Favorites!

Howdy y’all!

So, this posting once a week isn’t exactly working out BUT I’m still going at it, hoping to get better at it sooner rather than later. Life has been purty hectic and busy (as usual) but as I always say, I think things are going to get a little better soon!

So here’s my round up of my Turkey Month favorites!!!


The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix

Honestly, I wasn’t going to watch this. Like I said in my previous post I usually try to stay away from watching TV. (Just a personal preference.) I kept seeing all the fuss about this show when it came out on Netflix in October and refrained from watching it…until this past month. I like scary shows (until its time to go to bed lol) and saw the commercials of how it was the scariest thing out so….I took it as a challenge lol. After episode 1, I was hooked. It does go back in time and then to present through out the series so you have to pay attention! It wasn’t AS scary as I thought it would be but I really loved the show in general and jumped a few times on some scary parts. P.S. the ending was purty good as well! Dare to watch? Check out the trailer here: The Haunting of Hill House!


Kung Fu Saloon

Well, I’ll be straight up. The main reason the Kung Fu Saloon in Houston is on my favorites list is because of the Kung Pow Brussel Sprouts. (I LOVE FOOD!) I stopped by here for a friends birthday January 2017 which is when I first had the Brussel sprouts and had been craving them since then! We went for a night out last month and came here, specifically for the Brussel sprouts lol. They also have some other yummy options such as the Fried Pickles and Kimchi Cheese Fries with pulled pork. The bar has a few arcade games, a little room for dancing, a patio area and drinks of course which makes it all a purty cool chill spot!


Southern Lace Estates

This wedding venue, Southern Lace Estates is just gorgeous!!! It’s actually owned by one of my high school friends and her family and I was so stoked to be apart of one of the first few weddings since their opening! Everything is bigger in Texas right? This venue fits that statement perfectly with a huge bridal room including all the necessities for the ladies and the man cave won the guys over with comfortable couches to lounge on and a pool table. It’s seriously an amazing venue with indoor/outdoor options as well as a chapel. (Plus, the staff is awesome!)

Lone Star Motorcycle Rally

The Lone Star Motorcycle Rally in Galveston is something I’ve been attending for several years. We used to go for the whole weekend but recently started going out there for just 1 Day/Night. Theres concerts, food trucks, bar hopping and of course tons of motorcycles to look at! I will tell you, It can be a bit wild and in my opinion if you are going to take children, do it during the day as things get a lil wilder and crowded at night.



Wilcox Vet Clinic

I can’t thank the Wilcox Vet Clinic (And one of my Besties Hillary) enough for all the care and love they had for Rocket. Having my 1st dog have to go through two surgeries seriously freaked me out and had me stressing all week. The Vet Clinic was very communicative, and worked with me financially and provided different options to get everything done. Although they were a bit far I’m so glad Hillary was able to drive him out there and let me know they said he was one of their favorites 🙂 Happy to say he is back home recovering!

BP Artistry

Since we were just talking about weddings, I have to add in BP Artistry! They did my hair and makeup for Jennifers wedding and I absolutely loved it!!! I’m a bit picky with people doing my makeup because I honestly don’t put too much on often but the way they did it was amazing! The hair went perfect with the dress, and my makeup/brows/lashes were on point and lasted all night! Def recommend them! Plus, they were able to deal with our a bit over the top group of gals! LOL

Heels Out Movement

Founder Ms MeMe hosts these Heels out Dance Classes and was actually the first person to invite me to a an event as a “special guest” 🙂 (*Smiling ear to ear*) So it’s a dance class….in heels. Yes, I know a lot of you are like NOPE won’t do it but let me explain. FIRST OF ALL, it’s a no judgement zone and I can actually say after going to the classes that it really genuinely feels that way. Its perfect to do as a girls night, have a glass of (complimentary) wine while also breaking a sweat and learning a few sexy moves. I thought I could bust a move at a club in heels but oh my is this different haha. (NOTE: Don’t worry if you get tired or feel like your going to fall in heels, I take my sneakers and change in and out if needed.) I attended the first class by myself, I was so nervous and shy but left there feeling like a Bad A**. I recently attended again with my cousin Karen and hope to attend with more friends for her Anniversary class in January!

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