October 2018 Favorites!

So here we go, no formal introduction needed as you can obviously see this post is about OCTOBER FAVORITES! May be a tad bit late BUT here we go.

So, let’s start off with….


Hells Kitchen: 

This season actually started the last week of September but I didn’t start watching it until October. I’ve been a fan of Hells Kitchen for many, manyy years. At one point we were so dedicated I would go to my older sister and brother in laws place to have dinner and watch it. If you didn’t know I low key have always dreamed of having my own restaurant and I love Chef Ramsey. If you’ve never watched it, it’s a cooking competition where they are competing for money as well as a chef position at one of Chef Ramseys restaurants. What makes this show different than other cooking competitions? Honestly, In my opinion Chef Ramsey just makes the show! I love how intense he is in the kitchen and I suppose the little drama between the competitors adds a cherry on top. It’s still on so if you want to check it out, it comes on friday nights or you can Click here to watch Hells Kitchen!

American Horror Story

From cooking show to horror show. I don’t watch tv often but when I do i’m very loyal and these are the 2 shows I dedicated time to actually watching recently. I’ve always enjoyed scary movies/shows although I usually don’t cross the line when it comes to things that relate too much to devil, demon or exorcism type stuff but AHS somehow became an exception. I started watching AHS a few years ago after hearing so many people talk about it and have kept up with it since. This season also started in September and just finished up last week but you can Check AHS here!



I loved Venom! It had the right amount of Action, comedy and romance. This is one of those movies I wouldn’t mind going back to the theatre for. I did see some reviews saying it wasn’t that great but I think those reviews probably come from people who know a lot more about venom and the story. I’m speaking more in general, like if you hadn’t heard of Venom before and just went to watch this movie…it was awesomeee! I loved it so much I started jamming to the venom song by Eminem from the movie soundtrack.

A simple favor

Okay, so A Simple Favor caught my eyes when I started to see the previews. First off, the preview showed they were moms (Omg i’m a mommy, I want to watch! lol) then it showed the suspense and mystery (OMG i’m an unofficial private investigator according to all the shows on I.D that i’ve watched!) So BAM, those two things made me totally want to watch this. I went with one of my best friends Hillary and we really enjoyed it. it had a lot of twists and turns so it kept us wondering what was going to happen next!


The Container Bar in Austin

We came across The Container Bar in Austin during my friend Jennifers bachelorette weekend. Our first impression was, “Damn, that looks cool”, referring to the building itself designed with containers. The vibes here for day drinking were just perfect with some friendly bartenders, music and a food truck.



The #TinyBirdHome

Speaking of Bachelorette weekend, The Tiny Bird Home was the house we rented from Airbnb for the weekend in Austin. There was a lot of time spent searching for the perfect house but we voted on this one. It gave off such a boho chic feel and the pink refrigerator was for some reason one of our favorite pieces of the house along with the pool in the backyard. We had a great time and the hosts were so helpful and great at communicating with us if we needed anything. If you haven’t use Airbnb yet you can sign up with the link below and get $40 off your first rental. Yay!!! 🙂

Click here for a $40 Credit!



Black Gold Clay Mask

So I actually won a little gift bag at a workshop I went to that included one of these clay mask bottles. I was a little hesitant since it’s a powder that you need to mix with water BUT after trying it the first time I was like OMG. One of the ingredients is coffee and i’ll be honest, i’m not sure how it happens but I swear this mask wakes me up!!! I feel so refreshed and ready to take on the day after I use it. You can check it and other of their products here: https://wildhousebodycare.com


Pink Cell Phone Tripod

You may or may not know but I recently became a live host/streamer. As I slowly learn more and more about It, one of the first things I quickly found out was that a tripod for my phone was a must if I was going to take it seriously. My search started on google and soon moved over to Amazon where I really REALLY spent a good amount of time trying to find a pink one to match my phone and laptop…oh, and my overall obsession with the color Pink 🙂 I wanted something pretty, durable and affordable and finally decided on this one. I absolutely love the color, the fact that it can sit on a desk or extend and you can disassemble it to become a selfie stick as well. Last but not least it also comes with a bluetooth control to take pictures with from afar. I was a little worried as I am with purchasing anything online but I am so so happy with my purchase!

It’s also available for Amazon Prime Shipping, Check it out here!


Home Office Desk

I am trying to get more organized at home so I was in search for a desk and came across this one. It’s a corner desk which is great to keep things in order and only needing a small amount of space to do so. What I love love about this one is that it also has a little file cabinet to pull out on the left and the 2 back walls are actually dry erase boards! You can see more pictures and Get all the details here!

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