So it begins…

Well…..Hey Y’all!

If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a friend or family member that follows me on social media. (Thanks for the support!) Then again, maybe you randomly came across this blog or maybe you’re someone that does that low-key follow but not really following me type thing lol. Either way…

Welcome to My Blog!!!

To start things off, I signed on to my last blog (It’s private now) and copied a paragraph I wrote on there so you can get an idea of what I’ve thought about the whole blogging thing:


It’s been a love-hate relationship. I’ve tried several times to make it work and i’ve failed every time……yet I still won’t give it up. I can’t even count how many times i’ve sat in silence thinking to myself…Wtf am i going to write? Why tf do i want to blog? How long till i give it up again? Is anyone even going to read this? I don’t know the answers to all of my questions but i do know something….writing allows me to express myself. It’s at that moment, that i have this tiny little microscopic light of hope that someone will read it and say “Omg i feel the same way” or “I totally understand!” But then again they could just say “Your writing sucks, stop. now.”  lol either way. Truth is, i don’t know where this will lead this time but maybe this 3,151,990th attempt could be the best decision of my life. lol”

Now that you’ve read that, let me explain a little bit on how this is going to work. See, i’ve always enjoyed writing…and I did previously try blogging (2 times before to be exact). So trying this a third time was something I was really hesitant about but I figured if I just come out and tell you straight forward what to expect, maybe it’ll make things go smoother. Think of it as a potential relationship lol. Instead of coming at ya with a full face of makeup, the cutest outfit from my closet and my resume on hand…I’m going to come at you the total opposite way. The real me that most people don’t seem to really know and hopefully ya like it!

First things first….expect the unexpected. By that, I mean you never know what i’ll do next, where i’ll go, or what i’ll be into so you might not know what i’ll be writing next. I seriously enjoy so many things and I like to keep things interesting. Food, movies, going to new places, learning random stuff and trying new things. This is actually why I found it very hard to start this 3rd blog. I believed I needed to have certain topics or a “niche”. But honestly, I don’t think I have one…maybe someday I will but I didn’t want to wait on that day to start my blog… SO HERE I AM! 🙂

I am obviously not perfect. I won’t lie, I do try to be “perfect” BUT other times I really don’t give AF. I guess it just depends on my mood or the situation…so you have a 50/50 chance to see two sides of me. In this case, I just want you to know that I do want my blog to look nice, pretty and professional (duh!) BUT I may not always have the perfect punctuation, spelling or grammar. I might even bust out my spanglish and let out a few curse words. So if you have any problems with that…oh well. lol. (This would be one of those moments I don’t care). I’m here to express myself, in which ever form I want.

I plan on hopefully posting once a week: Every Wednesday at 3:15pm Central Time (with surprise posts every once in a while).

Why? Wednesday just works well with my schedule and 3:15 because I wanted to pick a time and the first numbers that crossed my mind was my birthday (March 15th if you don’t get what I’m saying) lol. Random and maybe a bit weird but, that’s what i’m sticking to.

I have a lot in the works for this and “me siento muy….excited!” to finally have this up and running. As for this first post, i’ll wrap it up by saying…”OMG YALL!!! I FINALLY DID IT” lol

Please leave some love in the comment section. Thank Y’all!!!!


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