Tripp is Three-Rex!

I have a big family and with that comes lots of birthdays, get togethers, etc and that is one of my favorite memories with everyone. I just enjoy seeing such a large group come together and have a great time with food, music and laughter. So although I’m not a big spender for the mostRead more

Houston Rooftop Cinema Club

OMGGGG! Let’s just jump right in, shall we? So I got invited to a exclusive media event a few weeks ago at the Rooftop Cinema Club in Houston for a private sneak peek screening of Selena before they opened to the public this 2019 season (Now Open!). It was my first time going although IRead more

2018 in Review.

          To start, lets take it back a bit to 2017….the year this little birdie decided to leave her mommy’s nest. Although I have always been super independent with everything, physically leaving my families house was a huge thing. That was also the year I started working at a car dealershipRead more